Steady Footsteps

While health care technology in Vietnam has rocketed into the 21st century in Vietnam with cardiac bypass surgery, total hip replacements and in-vitro fertilization available now to those who can afford it, physical rehabilitation remains stuck somewhere in the 1950s. That's ironic because physiotherapy and occupational therapy rely on skill and knowledge--not to mention a bit of compassion--all of which are far cheaper than most any product of the medical technology or pharmaceutical industries.

Steady Footsteps' mission is to bridge the great isolating divide of language and culture and bring effective rehabilitation services to disabled people in Central Vietnam. Steady Footsteps focuses especially on the care of people with neurological disorders--kids with cerebral palsy, adults who have suffered strokes (CVAs), and people of all ages who have had head injuries. (Unfortunately, traumatic brain injury is one of the leading causes of death and disability in Vietnam, so remember to strap your helmet on securely before taking off on a motorbike adventure here!)

You can learn more about rehabilitation in Vietnam and the work of the Steady Footsteps organization here and here.