Art with Heart

You can enjoy the beauty of Vietnam and impact lives in Vietnam in a positive way without even leaving your home--or your computer, for that matter. The Da Nang Artists Company was created to give folks an opportunity to support talented disabled artists and bring some of the beauty of Vietnam into their lives.

 The Da Nang Artists Company is a not-for-profit off-shoot of the Steady Footsteps charitable organization. Steady Footsteps exists to help disabled people regain control over their own bodies through effective physical and occupational therapy.

 The Da Nang Artists Company exists to enable talented disabled people to market their creations to caring individuals and groups world-wide. The Da Nang Artists Company pays artists fair compensation so that they can support themselves and contribute to the support of their families. Any profit goes to support the work of Steady Footsteps, a small charitable organization registered in both America and Vietnam, which is dedicated to improving lives of disabled folks and their families in Central Vietnam.
 You can view (and purchase) artwork at The Da Nang Artists Company. (A Vietnamese language version of the site is here.) And this link will help you find out more about the charitable organization Steady Footsteps .